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Creating an Event on the Platform

Whhen you go to eventyay’s main page, you’ll find a Create Event button.

Click on it to get started!

Create Event button

You’ll then be asked to login or register on the website, which is needed to create an event, follow the process to have your account created.

Logging and Registering

Upon finishing the registeration process, you’ll be redirected to the Create Event page.

Create Event Form Create Event Form 2

Fill in your event details, event name, location (Make sure you enter that right, so that it appears live!), description (be as detailed as possible!), image, event logo.

When finishing your event details, now enter the organizer’s details, in other words, your details (if you’re the one organizing). You can choose to hide these if you do not wish to enter them.

Organizer Details

Heading to the next step, you can choose whether you want to use eventyay’s ticketing system or not. If you do not wish to use it, then provide your tickets URL.

Ticketing System

Finally, add any additional details, like the type, topic and license, etc…

Additional Details

Click Save and Proceed to go the next step of the event creation process.

If you wish to include Sponsors, click on turn on sponsors and then add their details.


Click Save and Proceed to go the next step of the event creation process.

Now, if you wish to include sessions and speaker, click on turn on sessions and speaker, fill the required details of your sessions and your speakers’ details!

Sessions and Speakers

Finally click Save and Proceed, and you’re done!