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How to add the call for speakers on Eventyay?

In the article How can I create an event, we have gone through the four parts we need to include in each event, which are: Basic Details, Attendee Form, Sponsors, and Sessions & Speakers. In this article, we will go into details how to add and publish the Call for Speakers under Sessions & Speakers section.

First, select the event you want to edit under your events management dashboard. Turn on its Sessions & Speakers to set up the Call for Speakers.

Call for Speakers

Sessions, Microlocations, Session Types

Now you are required to provide inputs for Tracks, Microlocations, and Session Types. Hit the + to add one or more categories under each section or - button to delete them.

Call for Speakers


Adding all the tracks that you are going to host during your event and give a different color to each of them


Provide details such as room names and their dedicated floors in the building (event’s venue).

Session Types

Add the sessions types that speakers/presenters can choose from. Typically, there are Standard Talk, Lightning Talk and Workshop. You can also add more session types of your preferences.

Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers

Next, you can start to add description for the Call for Speakers into the Annoucement box, set its start/end time and select the timezone. Here, you can also decide whether you want to display the Call for Speakers publicly or make privately. If you set the Call for Speakers as private, proposals can only be submitted via the private link.

Call for Speakers

Customize Registration Form

The last step to complete before publishing the Call for Speakers is to define what kind of information you want to collect from your speakers and for their sessions. There are two columns of that you can customize the data, as below:

Collect Speaker Details

Call for Speakers

Collect Session Details

Call for Speakers