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How do I sell tickets online?

If you want to have tickets for your event then follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your eventyay account using your username and password.

How do I sell tickets online

  1. On the top of the page, at the log in button, choose manage event.

How do I sell tickets online

In order to sell tickets online, you need to create an event.

  1. On the right hand corner of the page select create an event.

How do I sell tickets online

Adding Basic Details

Fill in your event details: name, location, timezone (Make sure you enter that right, so that it appears live!), description (be as detailed as possible!), logo and event’s cover image.

How do I sell tickets online

Slide the cursor to the right if you wish to add owner/organizer’s details. Underneath you see the boxes where you can add website & all social media links of the event.

How do I sell tickets online

Next, you will need to provide tickets information. Add at least one ticket type to proceed. A details explaination on adding tickets can be found here.

Finally, add any additional details, like the type, topic and license, etc… Click Forward to go the next step of the event creation process.

How do I sell tickets online

There are 3 types of tickets:

1. Free tickets

Make sure you fill in the mandatory information ( * ) .

a. Ticket name and Quantity.

b. Settings: you can write your tickets’description, you can also choose to display or hide by clicking one of the boxes.

c. Start and end: you can choose when the tickets are available for sale and when the sale ends (with the exact time by selecting the clock) by choosing start and end.

d. Number of tickets allowed per order: it is important to set the minimum and maxinum (the number of tickets are allowed to purchase per account).

e. You can also add ticket code group if needed.

How do I sell tickets online

2. Paid tickets

To add paid tickets, click Paid Tickets, you can see the only thing that is different from free tickets is that price, so make sure you set a price for the tickets you want to sell.

How do I sell tickets online

3. Donation tickets

For donation tickets are ranging from $1 to $10,000, you can choose any price within that range. Simply fill in the same in formation as the other ticket types.

How do I sell tickets online

After all steps are done, click forward or publish

This is what your ticket main page should look like

How do I sell tickets online