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How to cancel a ticket order?

To cancel an order, there are a few steps that you can follow.

Step 1: Log in

In the first step, you will need to log into Eventyay using your username and password. Cancel ticket order

Step 2: Manage event

After, select manage event, this can be found on the top of right hand corner by selecting the drop down menu. Cancel ticket order

Step 3: Event management

Then, choose the event where you have tickets needed to be cancelled, select Event Dashboard. Cancel ticket order

Step 4: Ticket cancellation

After selecting Event Dashboard, it will take you to your main Event Managementpage, on the menu bar, choose Tickets Cancel ticket order

Step 5: Viewing orders

On the left hand side, select orders, you can directly view all tickets ordered (completed orders). Cancel ticket order

Once you found the right ticket you want to cancel (you can also find ticket by typing an email address into the search box). Cancel ticket order

Then you can see there is an X box right below the target ticket, if you have decided you want to cancel, click X. The system will automatically ask you again if you want to delete the order, click YES. Cancel ticket order

Repeat these steps if you want to cancel more tickets.