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Who develops eventyay? is the hosted service of the Open Event application developed by FOSSASIA in cooperation with a global community.

The project started 2015 and was used for many years as an event management system for the annual FOSSASIA Summit, OpenTechSummits and meetups. Since 2019 the platform can be used as a hosted solution by event organizers.

Most of the code contributions have been done by hundreds of community developers, but FOSSASIA also employs a team of developers who maintain the system, review pull requests and define the roadmap of the project.

There are a number of repositories ranging from the frontend, to backend, Android apps for attendees and organizers as well as iOS apps (attendee/organizers).

To learn more about developers you can always visit the tab “insights” on one of the repositories and choose “contributors” on the menu tab, e.g on the frontend repo or the server repository.