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How can I create a static website using the API link of my event ?

In order to create a static website using the API link of my event, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in

Log in by using your username and password login page

Step 2 : Manage events

Now, click on manage events manage events

Step 3 : Select event

Now, select the event which you wanna create a static website and then click on event dashboard select event

Step 4 : Event dashboard

Now, scroll down. Event dashboard

Step 5 : Website Generator

NOW CLICK ON Website Generator website generator transfers the data of the event via an API to our website tool and creates a static website for you. You can download the entire site as a zip fill and upload it to your own web hosting service. Website Generator

## Step 6 : Fill details Now, fill/ set all details according to requirement and then click on generate webapp Website Generator Website Generator

## Step 7 : Generated webapp Now, the generated webapp looks like this! Generated webapp


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