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How to export and download the attendees list of my event?

Exporting or downloading attendees list can be done by the following steps:

1. Log in

Log in using your Eventyay username and password. Overview page

2. Manage events

On the top right hand corner, click on your username, choose manage event. Overview page

3. Select your event

Choose the event you want to export attendee list. Overview page

4. Event dashboard

Then select event dashboard. Overview page

5. On the menu bar, choose “tickets”

You will see the menu bar, select the tickets button. Overview page

6. Select “attendees”

Then, select “attendees” on the left hand tab. Overview page

7. Click “export as”

You can either export to PDF or CSV (Excel spreadsheet). Overview page

Your file will be automatically downloaded under .pdf format or .csv format.