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How to create a discount code for tickets?

To provide a discount code to attendees, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in

Log in by using your username and password

Discount code

Step 2: Manage Event

On the top right hand corner, click on the drop down button, select manage event.

Discount code

Step 3: Event dashboard

Select the event you want to create a discount code for, then select Event dashboard.

Discount code

Step 4: Tickets

On the main menu bar, you can see the tickets option, select tickets to proceed to the next step.

Discount code

Step 5: Discount code

The discount codebutton is on the left hand side, click discount code, the choose the + Create a discount

Discount code

Discount code

Step 6: Fill in your details

Give your discount code a name (For example: FOSSASIA, and please note that the code should be in uppercase format with no space in between)

You can provide the amount of discount by providing either amount or percent.

For amount, Eventyay currently offers Singaporean Dollars only, if you use a different currency for your event, please select ` percent` instead.

For a discount code to be valid, its status should be active.

You can select the tickets that can be used with the discount code for all ticket types or standard community only.

Discount code

After filling out all information, you can see the discount link. You can provide the discount code to attendees by sending them the link or the code itself.

Discount code

Finally, select Save.