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What currencies are supported for ticket sales?

Currency support

Eventyay features a wide variety of currencies from US Dollars, Australian Dollars to Singapore Dollars. To check whether the country’s currency in which you want to provide for your event on Eventyay, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in

First, log into Eventyay using your account username and password, if you haven’t had an account, create your account here Register

Currency support

** If you have already created an event, follow step 2 onwards.

** If you haven’t created an event yet, select Create an event first, then follow from step 4.

Step 2: Manage event

Op the top right hand corner, select Manage Event. Currency support

Step 3: Edit

Select the event which you want to select the currency, select edit.

Currency support

Step 4: Basic details

You are now on the main event setup page, scroll down you will see ticketing systems. In order to check or select your required currency, you must select paid ticket.

Currency support

Currency support

After you choose paid tickets, you can see the select country box and select currency box.

Currency support

Step 5: Selecting currency

You can select the country of your choice by clicking the box, and countries are arranged alphabetically. Currency support

Then, you can also select the currency for your ticket sales. Similarly, currencies are also arranged from A - Z. Currency support