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How to add an expiry date to a discount code?

If you already Create a Discount follow these steps. If you have not Create a Discount you can check on here How to create a discount code for tickets.

  1. Login to your Account and click on the dropdown button on your profile then select on Manage Events. Promotion Discount

  2. Choose the event which you would like to add an expiry date for the discount tickets, select on Event Dashboard. Promotion Discount

  3. Once you are in the Event Management page, Click on Ticket then select on the Discount Codes. If you have created Create a Discount your discount codes will show up and in the column Discount code, under the Actions select Edit. Promotion Discount

  4. Scroll down the form and you will find a button Show more options click on it and in here you can set the dates then click on Save. Note: you can set the expiry date for your discount codes when you do create a discount. Promotion Discount